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Japanese House with Vegetable Garden on the Roof

Japanese House with Vegetable Garden on the Roof

Here, on digsdigs, we've seen a lot of unique homes with a history, a character and unusual design and furniture but believe me - you've never seen anything like that! Penda's Design studio has created a fantastic Yin & Yang House in the German countryside, and its special feature is a vegetable, herb, and fruit garden integrated right into the structure of the house!

The house consists of two main areas, which are harmoniously connected with a green roof. The areas of the house are intertwined - one half for living, the other for working. The two roofs surround the garden, channeling rainwater to the ground where it is stored and reused on dry days to irrigate the plants. Growing their own food was very important for the owners and here they have a great opportunity to do that. Besides, the house shows a small plot of the countryside, which adds a relaxed feeling.

The interiors of the house are very laconic and with a strong Japanese influence. There are large windows that bring much light in, the inside is fully clad with light-colored wood, and the furniture is made of the same wood, too. The rooms are uncluttered for a more harmonious feel - there's only necessary furniture and lights, and nothing else. This is Japanese or Japandi style at its best with modern and comfy furniture. Some windows overlook the surrounding woods and others - the green roof, so the owners feel like in the countryside. Look at the pics of this unique home and get inspired!

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Estilo Decorativo Japandi
The house is rather compact and comfy and it has its own aromas depending on the season-
The interiors are very laconic, done with Japanese aesthetics or maybe in Japandi style-
The bedroom features a large bed and a comfy chair, the window overlooks the woodland-