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Monochromatic Waterfront Holiday House In Sydney

Monochromatic Waterfront Holiday House In Sydney

This beach house is far from being typical, it features a monochromatic color scheme and literally no hints on the coastal location or the beaches around, just large windows with great views of the Pacific Ocean.

The property is called Palm Beach House and is 310 square meter, originally built in the 1980s, the house had fallen into a state of ruin - its concrete facade was cracked and several of its wooden window shutters were broken. The owners wanted a rich in detail house with a feel of being on holiday, so the architects first made a series of structural changes to the home. While a majority of the external masonry walls were able to be restored, the roof and internal partitions had to be rebuilt. Several new windows were then created at ground level to provide a better visual connection with the ocean. Outside there's a terrace with a roofed dining space and a manicured lawn with amazing views of the ocean.

The pared-back interiors, subdued palette and handmade quality creates a lived in atmosphere for the client, an important element for them to experience a sense of place and history. Walls in the open-plan living area are painted entirely white, along with cabinetry in the kitchen. Grey marble also features heavily, forming surfaces in the kitchen and a fireplace in the living space, complemented by stone-colored sofas. Touches of warmth are offered by wooden dining chairs and a timber ceiling, created from panels of American oak. The space division in the open layout is done with the help of different flooring: tiles, wood and concrete.


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