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Modern Luxurious Apartment Done in Light Shades

Modern Luxurious Apartment Done in Light Shades

Architect Leandro Garcia has renovated an apartment for a family’s holiday home near the beach in Matinhos, Brazil and filled it with vintage Brazilian furniture. Measuring 158 square metres, the three-bedroom unit is close to a sandy beach called Praia Mansa de Caioba and has views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Throughout the apartment there are white walls and light grey tile floors for an overall bright aesthetic. Sliding glass doors are also covered with sheer, white curtains.

The living area was expanded to feature an open-plan kitchen, dining room and living area. Walls at the entrance were removed and replaced with a bookcase made of local freijo wood, which is similar to American walnut. The wooden structure adds privacy to a hallway that accesses the three bedrooms. The cabinet has storage compartments, a nook for the television, and open shelves for displaying objects.

The kitchen comprises a long counter built into the wall with white cabinets and a marble top the same as the dining table. Bedrooms and bathrooms are almost all-white, with white headboards and cabinets. A basin in one bathroom is made from the same marble used for the dining table and kitchen backsplash. The mentioned dining space is actually my favorite one, it's located next to the kitchen and just look how gorgeous it is! A fantastic marble dining table is accented with green chairs and two catchy mid-century modern lamps over it.

The overall impression of the apartment is pure modern luxury with impeccable taste, nothing unnecessary and nothing excessive, only basics but done in a luxurious way.

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