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Contemporary Captain's House In Seaside Cliffs

Contemporary Captain's House In Seaside Cliffs

This house is a fortress-like residence on the Chinese coast renovated by Vector Architects. The home is named Captain's House as it features sea views and is embedded into rocks.

The owners wanted to add a third floor to the existing structure in order to answer the living needs of the family, and another issue was large-area water leakage, but the designers overcame it successfully. They added a concrete layer to the original brick masonry walls, which allowed to re-manipulate the layout to some extent.

The living room, dining room and master bedroom were oriented towards the views, and even the bathroom features a large window, though privacy is kept thanks to a private courtyard. The upper level comes with an original vaulted ceiling and accommodates a multi-functional living space. Additionally, since the captain's family is Christian, this space is also intended to be a family chapel. The new concrete window frames protrude from the outside wall, which prevents excessive rainwater from entering the house. Large windowsills allowed to use them for storage and even as desks.

You can see much warm-colored wood and plywood in decor plus white surfaces, which created a contemporary and stylish feel in the house. There are some colorful touches added - green and blue ones but they are of muted tones, which reminds of the ocean. Some more seaside inspired touches are a steering wheel and a compass on the walls.

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