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72+ Inspiring Spring Kitchen Decor Ideas

72+ Inspiring Spring Kitchen Decor Ideas

Contemporary Kitchen Design - Blossoms, bright colors, singing birds - yes, spring is here! It's high time that we decorated our spaces to welcome spring. What can you add to the kitchen decor to make it look spring-like? First of all, add bright colors - vibrant furniture, accessories or tableware. Colorful textiles is a cool and inexpensive idea because bright curtains, tablecloths, table runners or napkins won't cost you a lot while adding a spring touch. Spring flowers in planter and vases are the best and the easiest accent to make - just choose those that you like most of all, and voila!

Colors And Patterns

Turn on the brights - pink, yellow, green, blue, purple, lilac. Sunny yellow and green are the most popular colors for sprucing your home for spring, and these bright shades will make the kitchen cheerful. You can go for pastels, too, they will bring a sweet vintage touch to your kitchen. Add in some patterns - floral ones are the most popular ones, stripes will add a modern feel to the space and polka dots are a nice vintage touch.

Blooms And Greenery

Greenery is the best and easiest way to make your kitchen feel like spring, it may be real or faux, the latter is great for long-lasting decor. Greenery in pots or vases will make your kitchen modern and spring-like. As for blooms, they will bring a more farmhouse or vintage-like feel, and they will make your space more romantic. Pay attention to spring bulbs, they will make your kitchen truly spring-like. Fresh fruits and veggies will add more interest and texture to your arrangements. Enjoy spring!

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