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66+ Unique Kitchen Island Designs

66+ Unique Kitchen Island Designs

Kitchen Island Design - A kitchen island is a piece that is necessary for cooking, it's very important that it should be comfortable in using, and this piece may make your kitchen rock! A kitchen island that differs in texture, color, pattern or style form the rest of the furniture would make an accent, it would make the space original. Here are some ideas you can use for your kitchen: chose a different style, find a shabby chic or vintage piece and place it in a minimalist kitchen - it will rock! An unusual shape is also cool to highlight the island, and so will another material - for example, a wooden kitchen would look cool with a metal island. Have a look at some ideas below and play on contrasts!

Unique Wooden Kitchen Islands

Wood is the most popular material to make a kitchen island, and such a piece can be accented and decorated in many ways to make it unique. You can apply mosaic, paint it bright, change the countertop for a concrete or stone one, incorporate much storage space and even an additional meal space from a different material. Play with shapes: go for a very sleek kitchen island for a narrow kitchen or a curved or asymmetric piece to make a statement with its lines. A living edge wooden countertop is a trendy idea to add a natural touch to the space, and a vintage dresser, table or cutting board integrated right into the countertop is a unique idea. Choose the ideas you like, mix some of them to achieve a fantastic look.

Other Unique Kitchen Islands

Other materials usually used for building kitchen islands are metal, concrete and stone, and you may go for any of them or combine them all in one. If you take these materials, play with sculptural shapes or incorporate bold geometry, go extra sleek or include statement colors. There are so many ways to create a unique piece for your kitchen, get inspired!

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an oversized rustic kitchen island with much storage space, a stone countertop and a round wooden board for cutting or displaying-
a sculptural concrete kitchen island and dining table that is extended to the wall makes a statement-
a small shabby chic round kitchen island with carved legs is a simple and casual idea for a shabby space-
a simple rustic wooden kitchen island stands out in a kitchen with metal shelving units all over-
a contrasting kitchen island of white stone and a plywood table is a bold additional to monochromatic kitchen-
a shabby chic dark stained and red kitchen island on casters plus a green wooden box for storage-
a shabby dark stained wood kitchen island with a polished stone tabletop will give much space for cooking and even for eating-
a large kitchen island of ocher painted plywood with a metal countertop, a sink and a meal space is rnough for every kind of kitchen work-