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54+ Cool And Inviting Summer Terrace Decor Ideas

54+ Cool And Inviting Summer Terrace Decor Ideas

There are two months left before summer but it's time to think about summer decor now, look for some cool furniture and designs and DIY something interesting. Today I'd like to share some awesome summer terrace designs that will definitely inspire you to redesign your own outdoor space.

Styles And Colors

Like minimalist and calm design? Go for Scandinavian-themed terrace, use black, grey and white and natural wood; bright greenery around will enliven the space. Prefer something bright? Try boho and folksy decor or boldly rock a modern colorful terrace. Contrasting Mediterranean and tropical terraces are welcome – these styles are popular now. Summer is bright, so you may continue it in your terrace decor: orange, yellow, green and turquoise will create a cheerful atmosphere and hint on the fun season.

Furniture And Decor

What furniture are you going to use for the terrace? Decide, whether it will be a living or a dining room or even both – choose furniture accordingly. Think of built-in benches, sofas with storage units, small and dining tables with fireplaces built-in, fire pits, candles, lights and of course some decor. Potted greenery and blooms, artworks, baskets and crates for storage and various fire pits and candle lanterns will make your space cozy. Add some cozy textiles that match your terrace in colors and prints. Get inspired by the ideas below and create the best summer terrace decor ever!

  55+ Photos
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a summer Nordic terrace with rattan furniture, cozy neutral upholstery, potted greenery and a large tree-
a neutral summer terrace with low wooden furniture, neutral upholstery and pillows, white curtains, candle lanterns and some blooms-
a rooftop summer terrace with a large built-in bench, tables and a fire pit, colorful pillows and string lights over the space-
a bright and vivacious summer terrace done with tiles, white wicker furniture, pastel upholstery and pillows and lots of greenery and blooms-
a small and simple terrace with a storage daybed, a metal chair, boho textiles, a hammock and some greenery in pots-
a white Mediterranean terrace with built-in benches, greenery and a tree, crates for storage and a small roof-
a tropical terrace with lots of greenery and trees, a vintage carved wooden bench and metal furniture, bright pillows-
a cozy Scandinavian terrace with simple wooden furniture, white upholstery, a lemon tree and striped pillows-
a bright and bold summer terrace with a cool sea view, a striped rug, rattan furniture, colorful textiles is super welcoming-
a bright summer seaside terrace with a built-in bench, wooden furniture, white and navy textiles, statement candle lanterns-
a monochromatic Scandinavian terrace with a black deck, dark rattan furniture, lots of greenery and a tree plus a little pond-
a welcoming terrace with an L-shaped bench, a jute rug, a copper table and some greenery on the wall-
a bright boho summer terrace with rattan chairs, a wicker ottoman, potted greenery, a jute rug and boho pillows-
a colorful summer seaside terrace with a bright daybed, colorful pillows and cushions and candle lanterns-
a simple and neutral summer terrace with a built-in storage bench, a wooden table, a jute rug, greenery and herbs in pots-
a small Nordic summer terrace with dark walls, pallet and wooden furniture, dusty textiles and a hammock plus ottomans-
a fresh and welcoming summer terrace with a deck, a built-in bench, a lawn and some greenery and other plants-
a white summer terrace with a built-in bench, white pillows, pottted blooms and greenery and umbrellas-
a welcoming Mediterranean summer terrace with pallet and rattan furniture, neutral upholstery and textiles, candle lanterns and greenery-
a summer Scandinavian terrace in black and white, with dark furniture, blooms and greenery in pots and a cool ottoman-
a nautical terrace with a rattan lounger and a wooden chest, an umbrella, some nautical textiles and greenery to refresh the space-
a monochromatic summer terrace with potted greenery and trees, white furniture of metal and wood, candle lanterns-
a tiny modern terrace with a wooden deck, a wall with greenery, a built-in sofa, a chair and a fountain plus a small table-
a bright tropical summer terrace with a whitewashed table, a carved wooden bench, metal chairs and textiles and lanterns attached to the roof-
a chic pastel terrace with white contemporary furniture, floor lamps, refined tables and a greenery wall-
a monochromatic contemporary terrace with a deck, rattan chairs, greenery and a tree in a pot and neutral upholstery-
a cheerful island summer terrace made of wood, with neutral textiles and a cool dining zone plus a gorgeous sea view-
a refined modern terrace with a Mediterranean feel with greenery and succulents, a tiled deck, metal furniture and a fountain-
a bright and fun summer terrace with a black bench, colorful pillows, pallets and boxes with greenery and blooms, a garland and birdhouses for decor-
a boho terrace with colorful layered rugs, bright cushions and pillows, a rattan chair, Moroccan lanterns and cacti all around-
a bright summer terrace with a built-in bench, with bright pillows, rugs, wicker ottoman, potted greenery-
a cheerful Greek summer terrace with pallet furniture, bright blooms and candle lanterns plus bold textiles-
a seaside summer terrace in white, with blue textiles and upholstery, potted blooms and greenery and a cool seaside view-
a small terrace with a couple of chairs, potted plants, and a bold red candle lantern is chic and stylish-
a contemporary terrace with a raised wooden deck, a gravel space with a fire pit and catchy plants-
a Mediterranean summer terrace with a built-in bench, wooden furniture, candle lanterns and blooms and greenery plus a cool sea view-
a modern monochromatic terrace with a wooden deck, a large built-in sofa, a small bar space and a whole living wall-
a moody terrace with black wood, light pillows, potted greenery and candle lanterns looks fresh and stylish-