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2020 Trends Kitchen Decoration

2020 Trends Kitchen Decoration

2020 Trends Kitchen Cabinets - 2020 is officially here and if you are planning any kinds of renovations this year, our roundups with trends will help you. Let's discuss the coolest and hottest trends that are on right now, and we are starting from kitchens.


2020 is al about color - bold and monochromatic, we just can't get enough of it and neutrals are forgotten. Navy is coming in strong for the kitchen, I guess, because classic blue is the color of this year and all shades of blue are totally in trend. But navy is timeless classics and even when 2020 is over, your kitchen will be still very actual. Whether you display navy on the walls or paint your cabinets its completely up to you. Furthermore, you could do both, or embrace navy in multiple different finishes such as matte, silk or luminous.

Two Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island is a must for every modern kitchen (unless you don't have enough space) but what would you say to two kitchen islands? Having double islands is great for those that want to add an area to eat, sit or do both. Additionally, you might want to consider having another sink on that island, to truly make the room come to life.

Unexpected Color

Color has always been a good idea, but not just any kind of color, the unexpected kind. This year we'll see incorporating color on regular appliances, this will refresh the area while giving you the most used bits a special and custom look. It's the idea of having your area bright and airy that truly embraces the room's aesthetic. Rock colorful fridges, cookers, microwaves and other stuff to add a bright touch and enliven the space.

Open Shelving Decor

Instead of being busy and displaying everything on your open shelving, this year you want to use your open shelving as decor. Using it as decor will immediately make the room feel sleek, charming and cohesive all at once. Furthermore, it's perfect for those that want to keep their decor minimal without taking away from the room's approach. Try live edge open shelving for adding a natural touch to the space, this is another hot trend right now.

Dark Countertops

Bring more character to your kitchen making dark countertops! This is rather an unusual solution, which may surprise you but the contrast they create is totally worth it. Go for light or colorful kitchen cabinets paired with dark countertops and you'll enjoy the trendy look of your kitchen and it will be like no other - you won't see this solution often. Get inspired by more ideas below!

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