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42+ Comfortable and Inviting Living Room Decorating Ideas

42+ Comfortable and Inviting Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living Room Design Ideas - Fall is almost here, even if in your place its breath isn't felt yet, the colors and air around tell that. It's high time to add some cozy fall touches to your living room to spend days and nights in comfort. Transforming your living space into a fall-inspired one is an easy task: textiles and accessories in autumn colors will help you to change the space fast and budget-friendly. Don't forget the fireplace! A fall mantle with leaves, pumpkins, candles is easy to create yourself and personalize. Knitted or fur furniture and accessories will warm you up and comfort on cold fall and winter nights. If you like brights, cheer your space with orange, burgundy and yellow; for a calmer look go for chocolate, dark purple and ivory.

Fall Textiles And Upholstery

The easiest and most budget-friendly way to bring a fall feel to your space is to use some textiles. They may be fall-colored, jewel-toned or just printed with fall in mind. Pillows, blankets, table runners, curtains and other stuff can easily spruce up the living room giving it a fall feel. When the season changes, you may swap the textiles for others - such a simple and cool way to decorate!

Fall Fireplaces And Mantels

If you have a fireplace and a mantel, it's high time to prepared them for the fall! Bring stacks of pumpkins, fall leaves, fall blooms, baskets and milk churns – choose decor and colors according to the style and color scheme of your room.

Other Ideas

There are many more ideas to bring a fall feel to your living room. You can make a statement wall with removable decals, you can make fall leaf and blooms arrangements, bring fall-colored furniture and accessories if you have any. Lanterns with pumpkins, candles with fall leaves in baskets and lots of other stuff can be used to make your living room more fall-like. Mix them all up or choose only a couple that you like and enjoy! Find inspiration below!

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Fall Living Room Decor
a fall centerpiece with wooden beads, natural and fabric pumpkins and red fall leaves in vases-
an orange ceiling and chairs give a strong fall feel to the bright living room-
a greenery garland and stacks of natural pumpkins will make your fireplace more fall-like at once-
a bright striped orange curtain, a chevron runner and a fall arrangement on the mantel-
an orange sofa, printed pillows and an ottoman make up a bright fall-colored space-
bright rust-colored printed pillows add a fall feel to the space making it cooler-
a rust-colored chair, blanket, bright coffee tables and bold orange blooms add fall coloring to the living room-
amber colored bottles and a basket with white pumpkins make this white living room more fall-like-
a curved orange sofa brings an autumn feeling to the space and makes it ultra-modern at the same time-
neutral pumpkins, ggreenery arrangements and cozy white blankets and pillows for a welcoming fall feel in the space-
orange chairs and pillows will easily bring a fall feel to the space and a yellow bloom arrangement will help-
a bright red sofa, striped orange curtains and a fall-inspired gallery wall make this living room fall-like-
fall leaf arrangements and a basket with pumpkins, feathers and pinecones plus some fall blooms in a bucket-
bright jewel-toned pillows and a bold printed rug are an easy and budget-friendly way to add a fall feel to the space-
a neutral fall fireplace wwith shabby chic churns, white pumpkins and wheat, wooden candle holders and much greenery-
copper kitchenware and ocher textiles add a warm fall touch to the space-
rust-colored pillows and a fall leaf arrangement make this outdoor living room cooler-
a rust-colored pillow and blanket plus dried branches arrangements in vases add a fall touch to the space-
a bold printed rug, a rust-colored chair and red textiles here and there make your space fall-like-
white pumpkins, fall leaf garlands, a grass wreath, fall leaf arrangements and a cool fall leaf pillow-
a natural pumpkin stack in the fireplace decorated with fall-colored garlanfs and greenery-
fall colored pillows and a rug add a fall feeling to the living room and make it seasonal easily-
bright fall-colored pillows are enough to bring a fall feel to the living room-
fall colored pillows, a bright orange leather ottoman and fall leaf arrangements add a fall touch to the space-
orange-colored pillows and a blanket plus some fall leaf arrangements will make your home feel cozier during this season-
bright printed pillows, a bright floral arrangement and a basket with blooms and candles for a fall feel-
a bold orange pillow, a plaid blanket and a fabric pumpkin in a basket for a fall touch in the living room-
statement orange walls and a tree for hinting that it's fall time - make a tree with decals to remove it when not needed-
bright orange pillows and a bowl with pumpkins and candles are added for a fall touch-
a printed pillow, a red blanket, amber glass candle holders, fall leaf arrangements-
bright fall leaf arrangements, orange pumpkins and fall blooms bring a strong fall feel to the space-
olive green upholstery and textiles make up a relaxing and welcoming fall-colored space-
plaid textiles, pumpkin stacks, fake leaf garlands and arrangements and a statement sign-
printed fall colored pillows and pumpkins add a fall touch to the living room-
a couple of rust touches here and there and a bright orange bloom arrangement for a fall feel-
bright orange pillows, printed pillows, a neutral rug for an easy fall touch-
a fall-colored ottoman and a jute rug add cool fall aesthetics to the space-
a bright orange sofa and a curtain will make your living room feel liek autumn-
Remove wrought iron bracket to right of fireplace screen, drop in fire from 147 and window view from 178 (i moved the camera btween main shots and 178). Remove draw string from curtain on right.-
bright printed pillows, a printed rug, a bright framed mirror are cool for adding a fall feel to the space-
a neutral and relaxed fall fireplace with pillows and greenery, white pumpkins and cocnrete pots for a vintage feel-