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20+ Living Room Color Palettes Examples

20+ Living Room Color Palettes Examples

Living Room Decorating Ideas - A living room is often the most important place in the house where you invite guests, have parties, read books, work, watch TV and do all kinds of stuff. The style is usually cohesive in all the dwelling but what about the colors? The color scheme usually defines the whole space, and its high time to choose a right one to make your living room cooler. What colors and shades to prefer? Here are some ideas.


Opting for a neutral color palette which includes natural colors and materials is always a good idea. Reduce the number of colors but vary the materials a lot and use various types of finishes, textures and patterns. White is a very versatile color and it's rather neutral. It's not very practical as white surfaces show every little stain and require special care but it can look exquisite in a living room. Use it to create a pure, contemporary design with Nordic influences.

Warm Tones

Colors that are very bright and vibrant can be tiresome for the eye and thus make a living room feel less comfortable and welcoming. In comparison, soft and subdued nuances are ideal for creating a cozy environment. Try warm, neutral tones such as white, beige, gold and brown and to complement it all with a single focal point that uses contrasting cool tones. It can be a piece of art, a furniture item, an area rug or a lighting fixture.

Darker Tones

Black and dark colors in general are considered harsh and they're not typically used in living rooms. However, they can have positive effects on the decor such as making the space feel very cozy and also being very practical. A nice strategy is to complement all those dark tones with a few light and warm accents. If you don't feel like only black, mix up black and white. This is a timeless combination which you can adapt to every style. However, to avoid creating a decor that's too simple and mainstream, add one or two accent colors.

Bright Colors

If you prefer an eclectic design approach, or if you love all kinds of bright colors, then consider playing with various different colors and mixing in several patterns and textures to create a layered look. Make your design even bolder with some metallics.

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