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36+ Christmas Chandeliers Decor Ideas

36+ Christmas Chandeliers Decor Ideas

Christmas isn't here yet but to get perfect decor, to create an ambience and a fantastic holiday feeling, preparing beforehand is necessary. When we hear 'Christmas decor', we first of all think of wreaths, garlands, lights and ornaments but not about chandeliers but we should. Decorating a chandelier or making one for the holidays is a great and easy to DIY idea that allows bringing a festive spirit in in just a few minutes.

Wreath Christmas Chandeliers

The cutest idea you can realize is making a wreath Christmas chandelier for the holidays. You can make it of real or faux evergreen branches, hang on beautiful bold ribbon and then add decorations. Candles, ornaments, pinecones, flowers, berries, bows and lights will spruce up your chandelier very well. You can even create a fantastic two or three-tiered chandelier to make a statement. Such decor looks amazing anywhere, from your kitchen and living room to even a winter holiday wedding. There are a lot of tutorials on the web to choose from, so if you don’t know how to make one, this isn’t a problem.

Christmas Chandeliers Decorated With Evergreens

Evergreens and just fir branches are the easiest way to decorate a chandelier for Christmas. Such decor fits every style and type of chandelier, and you can easily realize this decor yourself in just a few minutes. If you think it's too boring, just add crystals, bows, pinecones, berries or ornaments, such a chandelier looks laconic, chic and a bit rustic, it will add coziness to any space.

Christmas Chandeliers Decorated With Ornaments

Ornaments are the best and most popular idea for decorating a chandelier. Choose ornaments you like: red, green, gold, silver, pink, champagne, white or black and hang them on the chandelier using beautiful ribbon. You can combine them with evergreens, pinecones, lights, garlands and other stuff. Create your own chandelier art using decorations that you like, mix them in any way, even the craziest one!

Other Ideas

You may also try berries, leaves, jingle bells, pinecones and even lanterns with faux snow and candles. You may also decorate your chandeliers with various Christmas blooms, this is especially cool if you are having some party or a wedding. Look at the ideas to get inspired!

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a Santa, ornaments and garlands for simple festive decor-
a usual chandelier covered with an evergreen wreath and turquouse ribbon-
oversized green chandelier and silver ornaments will make a statement-
vintage chandelier decorated with foliage, evergreens and crystals-
burlap ribbon, a brown ornament and a starfish for coastal Christmas-
beautiful Christmas chandelier with hanging red ornaments, vintage ribbon and evergreens-
greenery chandelier topped with candles and with hanging silver ornaments-
bottle brush trees in hanging glass votives, fir branches and red jingle bells-
evergreens, large bells and oversized green ornaments-
cute chandelier with plaid ribbon bows, fir branches and red jungle bells-
fir branches, green ribbon and pinecones-
a simple evergreen wreath with hanging pine cones-
evergreen branches and red ornaments are classics-
a mid-century modern chandelier covered with berries-
fern branches and seeral bold red ornaments echo with a green and red centerpiece-
gold and silver ribbon, evergreen branches with pinecones to cover a chandelier-
a wreath evergreen chandelier with red ribbon-
a chandelier made of faux evergreen wreaths and silver and gold ornaments-
easy evergreen decor for your chandelier-
oversized evergreen wreath chandelier with pinecones and berries-
a snowy wreath and silver snowflake ornaments-