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36+ Cute IKEA Sundvik Bed And Crib Ideas To Try

36+ Cute IKEA Sundvik Bed And Crib Ideas To Try

Sundvik crib and bed are amazing for your little ones - first babies and then toddlers! To speak about the crib, it can be placed at two different heights, and the toddler bed can be pulled out as your child grows. Both pieces are basic and you can easily personalize them a bit so that your child loved it. Painting and spray painting has always been the easiest way to change any piece, and you can also go for various stencils or stickers with the heroes that your child loves. Try chalkboard paint to get your kid more creative, or hang a fun tassel garland. Get more awesome IKEA ideas below!

Sundvik Cribs

A Sundvik crib by IKEA is a great transformable piece that can be turned into a couch. It comes in white and dark shades but of course you may paint it any color you like and that matches your kid's space. such a crib can easily fit many nurseries: boho, rustic, contemporary, minimalist and any themed spaces, too - it's totally universal and plain. Spruce it up with signs, tassels, ribbons and other stuff you love. Surround the piece with toys, place some rugs and cool decor around and your baby will love this little room!

Sundvik Beds

A Sundvik bed is a cool piece for a kids' room - it comes in many colors and it can be repainted to fit the space. It's a universal piece with a vintage feel and it's ideal for many spaces: Nordic, contemporary, mid-century modern, boho, retro and so on. Spruce it up with a canopy for a dreamy look or hang some lights over it to accent the sleeping space and let your kid enjoy! Sundvik beds are amazing for shared spaces, too, and if you have kids of different ages, go for a bed and crib at the same time, they look perfect together.

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