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36+ Basement Storage Ideas And 9 Organizing Tips

36+ Basement Storage Ideas And 9 Organizing Tips

A basement is usually more accessible than an attic, and tends to house a mix of items ranging from furniture to paper products, as well as stacks of family memorabilia. When properly utilized, a basement can add much-needed storage space for your home, instead of being that black hole where things are tossed and disappear. Basement storage accessories should be tailored to provide maximal access, ventilation, and moisture resistance. Since basements can be damp, metal shelving and cabinetry protect possessions better than wooden alternatives; plastic bins, in turn, protect better than cardboard boxes.

Safety First

Sturdy shelving is a must for bin and box storage. Build heavy framed shelving with 2-by-4 studs and paintable plywood. Measure the items you plan to store to ensure you have appropriate clearance and depth. Never place large or heavy storage items above 5 feet high; you risk injury when trying to get them down.

Test Future Layouts

If you plan to eventually remodel, test out the functionality of your future plans by segregating different spaces with tape on the floor. Then place your storage items in your proposed area and stick to the design. Are your items accessible to the stairs? What size doorways will you need to move stored items in and out? Test out different schemes until you find one that works.

Get Organized

If you have multiple storage areas or a large set of shelving, designate specific spots for different items. Large labels can also help you both find items and put them back in the same place.

Go For Cubbies

They're probably one of the most popular storage solutions, and they offer great flexibility. Cubbies are easy to build and can be self-standing to rearrange as storage needs change. Color-coded, tight-lidded plastic bins (red for Christmas, orange for Halloween) help keep holiday decorations easy-to-find and organized. If you are using plastic tubs for storing clothes, make sure that the bin is not airtight, as clothing needs some ventilation. If you do store in cardboard boxes, don't stack them-always leave space for air circulation.

Get Clever With Wall Storage

Wall systems with labeled baskets that slide in and out are great for a finished basement that doubles as a media or play room. Go beyond shelving units, as other options may prove more practical for your needs. Hack suggests wire racks, magnetic systems for tools and a pegboard for sewing essentials. Look under the stairs. If you have the budget, built-in cabinetry gives you the luxury of creating storage where you need it.

Use The Ceiling

Keep stuff safe from groundwater by getting it off the floor. Create a flange system with simple framing material to create tracks on the ceiling. Package everything into airtight Tupperware containers and hang it in the flange system to utilize space that would never otherwise been functional.

Bring In Baskets

Baskets help to conceal clutter and small items in an organized and easily accessible way. Mix and match different baskets or create a shelving system that allows for multiple baskets of the same size.

Think Lockers

Lockers are a great way to organize personal items like winter wear, sporting gear and seasonal storage without seeing the clutter.

Hide Your Storage To Make A Room

If you manage hide all these cubbies behind a sliding door or even create a secret room, you can use your basement for something other than storage.

Turn It Into A Wine Cellar

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