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30+ Stylish Halloween Porch Decor Ideas

30+ Stylish Halloween Porch Decor Ideas

Planning a Halloween party and want to impress your guests from the beginning? Then you'll have to decorate your outdoor spaces and porch for Halloween, too, to unify the spaces and create a mood. We've prepared a whole bunch of amazing ideas to style your porch for this spooky holiday, take a look!

Colors And Themes

Stick to the color scheme that you've chosen for your party and rock the same theme. Black and white are among the most popular color combos, you may also try black, orange and white, touches of green or purple or even go all-neutrals, which are popular for home decorating now.


What to use for decorating your porch for Halloween? The same as for indoors! Skeletons and skulls, buntings and garlands, candle lanterns and jack-o-lanterns, natural and faux pumpkins, bats and spider webs, spiders and snakes, ghosts and spooky branches, lights and signs and much more. You can gild the skeletons and skulls to make them more elegant, DIY some Halloween signs and artworks, paint, stencil, carve and dip dye pumpkins to make them match your decor, DIY some paper bats and spiders, make some chalkboard signs – they are easy to change whenever you want, create some scary candleholders and candle lanterns using tutorials from all around the web. Realize many more crafts to style your porch for Halloween and make it more personalized.

Lights And Candles

Add mysterious light to the porch using lots of candle lanterns and jack-o-lanterns that will add to the decor of the porch or going for simple string lights. You may place some black trees with lights, too, to make your porch glowing.

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an elegant Halloween porch with gilded skeletons, orange and white pumpkins, candle lanterns and a wreath with spiders-
a mini black and white pumpkin garland, bright fall blooms in baskets, bright pumpkins and a plaid mat-
stacked carved pumpkins in a pot, a bench with Halloween pillows, a sign and a mat for Halloween-
a creative Hallowene porch with a skeleton and a skeleton dog, candle lanterns, blooms and greenery and signs and buntings-
a contemporary Halloween porch with black bats, heirloom pumpkins, bold blooms and a wheat wreath-
Nightmare Before Christmas porch with carved black and orange pumpkins, Jack Skellington and candle lanterns-
a fun black and white Halloween porch with a striped floor, natural pumpkins with faces, greenery, a spiderweb with spiders-
a Halloween porch with paper bats, natural orange pumpkins, brooms and fall leaves is a simple and cool idea-
paper spiders on the walls, black and white pumpkins, a spiderweb wreath and a sign for simple and fast Halloween decor-
simple and stylish Halloween porch decor with heirloom pumpkins, blackbirds and bats on the walls and door-
a bright Halloween porch with a black feather wreath, a skeleton and skulls, bright fall blooms and natural pumpkins-