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24+ Glam Refined Chandeliers To Make A Charming Room

24+ Glam Refined Chandeliers To Make A Charming Room

Glam chandeliers are a hot decor trend today, and I'm talking not only about vintage and luxurious spaces, today they are used to spruce up different interiors and add a cool glam touch to rustic, shabby chic, minimalist and other rooms. Glam chandeliers are used absolutely everywhere: in bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining spaces and closets, they are ideal to add a feminine vibe to the space or just to make it refined and chic.

Crystals, gold, silver, beads, feather lampshades, mother of pearl, brass make any space chic and refined. You can also find cool modern takes on traditional crystal versions, in black, pink or other colors. Now let me spoil you with modern and vintage glam chandeliers to get inspired and choose from.

Vintage Glam Chandeliers

Vintage-inspired glam chandeliers or even real vintage ones look spectacular, there are different versions, smaller and bigger ones. Rock such a chic lighting piece where you want and make a bold chic statement with it. Transparent crystals with brass or nickel details fit any space, with different styles and colors. If you are lucky enough to find and get a real vintage crystal chandelier, your space will be jaw-dropping for sure!

Modern Glam Chandeliers

If you don’t want any vintage chic and prefer something contemporary but with a glam feel, take a modern option. Modern glam chandeliers are fresh takes on vintage ones: they have different shapes and length, they can have not only crystals but also glass bubbles. It can be not only sheer and silver or brass, there are pink, black, orange and yellow and other chandeliers with colorful beads that remind of traditional ones but look bolder. You can also find eye-catchy piece with beads and mother of pearl and metal elements to make your space unique. Bring glam to your space!

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