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30+ Contemporary Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

30+ Contemporary Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

We write a lot about kids room designs because a lot of people have kids. But what about teen rooms? Rooms for youngsters and teens are usually quite different. Designing a contemporary teen bedroom is all about making the place cool, hype and practical. The kid should be proud of his or her room because it isn’t only the place where he or she sleeps and studies but is also a casual place for meeting with friends. We choose some contemporary teen bedroom examples for you, and these kids bedroom designs definitely could make any kid or teen happy. You can get some ideas of what this room should have inside, what furniture to use and how to make it cool.

Choose A Color Scheme

As you’ve chosen contemporary style, it’s usually rather laconic and not very colorful, though you can rock moody or bright shades, too. Decide whether you’ll show that it’s a boy’s or girl’s room with colors – you can rock pink and red for girls or navy and grey for boys but the trend is mostly gender neutral rooms that don’t show any of these colors. The most popular idea is rocking a monochromatic palette, all neutrals or maybe neutrals with pastels or going for something outstanding for this style – moody or bright colors, as I said below.

Decide On Furniture

The most important furniture items for a teen room are a bed, a desk, some storage units and shelves and chairs. You can substitute some of these items with others or add something else – it’s up to the needs of your child. Try various furniture that looks creative – floating beds, suspended chairs, windowsill desks to save some space yet include everything necessary. Be creative as teens’ rooms should excite!

Add Decor

Decor is important for kids’ and teens’ rooms more than for others. Stick to the style of the room but add artworks, posters, neon and ambient lights, decals or something else that fits. Think of interesting solutions like graphic or 3D walls, wooden arches that wrap the whole room, creative figurines and other items. Take a look at more ideas below and get inspired to create a perfect space for your teen child!

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a super bright contemporary space with colorful cushions and pillows plus ottomans and bright curtains to spend time with friends-
a clean minimalist or contemporary teenage bedroom with charcoal walls, a striped one, a platform bed, bright red touches-
a contemporary teen bedroom with a sleeping space on a platform, a desk space that can be hidden and much storage space-
a contrasting white, red and black teen bedroom, a colorful contemporary furniture, large windows and much light-
a dark and moody teen bedroom with a neon, a gallery wall, a wooden bed with storage and lights-
a fresh contemporary bedroom with a storage unit, a bed with stroage drawers and a floating windowsill desk-
a contemporary teenage room with a bright wooden arch, a floating desk, a grey chair and a chalkboard wall-
a pastel teen bedroom with a built-in bed, a built-in desk space and a hanging woven chair in the corner-
a unique and bold teen bedroom with built-in cabinets and a desk, an L-shaped sofa and a bathtub with glass doors right in the room-
a contemporary neutral teen bedroom, printed curtains, a grey sofa, a floating TV unit, a simple white desk-
a light-filled contemporary teen bedroom with a working space below and a sleeping one above-
a simple contemporary teen bedroom done in white and neutrals, with a dark curtain, wall shelves and large windows-
a dark contemproary teen bedroom with an upholstered bed, a hanging bulb, bold pillows and an artwork-
a neutral and pastel bedroom with a grey upholstered bed, layered blankets, black touches and bulbs hanging down-