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20+ Pallet Daybeds And Beds For Indoors or Outdoors

20+ Pallet Daybeds And Beds For Indoors or Outdoors

Pallets are a nice material for lots of crafts, and furniture building, too. Today's roundup is dedicated to pallet beds - most of them can be easily built by you yourself when you have some time and wish for that.

Pallet Beds

Many bedrooms will fit a pallet bed - an industrial, boho, contemporary, vintage, shabby chic, farmhouse and so on - a pallet bed will add that rough industrial feel to the space that is so trendy now. A pallet bed can be rather low - just some pallets placed on the floor or raised - of many pallets or placed on casters. Such beds feature much storage space inside - you may use it for shoes, accessories, books and much other stuff - the taller your bed is, the more storage space you'll get. Casters will let you move the bed easily from time to time, and if you make it large than your mattress, you'll get enough storage space on top, too. If you want to create a welcoming and romantic ambience, you may add lights inside - then you won't need any other lamps by the bed.

Pallet Daybeds

A pallet daybed may be a nice fit for a reading nook, an awkward space where you can't put anything else, a living room or an outdoor space. The idea is basically the same: make a bed of pallets, paint or stain it as you want and place on casters or skip the step. Fit the bed with a comfy and soft mattress and lots of pillows on top - you are going to rest here, right? The inner storage space is key to organizing the space where you place it - it's hidden and very comfy for some not very large stuff. Get inspired and DIY a pallet daybed for your home!

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