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25+ ideas to Rock a Vintage Cupboard In Interior

25+ ideas to Rock a Vintage Cupboard In Interior

If you love vintage, shabby chic and just Provence or Spanish style, you'll agree that a vintage cupboard is one of the most important functional and decorative elements of the dining room in such styles. This item can emphasize the beauty of dishes and plates, of various small stuff and even separate the dining zone from the other spaces if you have an open layout.

The cupboard can be large or small, with doors and without them, occupy the corner of the kitchen or become a focal point in the living-dining room. Find out how to rock such a furniture piece in your interior with the tips below.


Such cupboards look amazing in neutrals and off-whites, these are natural colors for them. If you want some shade, opt for very light pastels like green or blue, and to make the dinnerware look more awesome paint the inside with some dark shade – such an idea will create a chic contrast. The dinnerware will look cool even without lights.


Decorate your cupboard with printed fabric or wallpaper - just attach them inside to make your cupboard more eye-catching. The pattern shouldn't be too small or too large scale, it should be seen clearly yet it shouldn't distract attention from the dishes and cups.

If you don't like the shop window feel of the cupboard with glass, take it out and substitute it for chicken wire. This idea came from French interiors, and many designers and decorators are already using it. chicken wire will make your cupboard more special and eye-catchy, it will be your personal touch. Don't forget that thickness of your chicken wire should correspond the look of your cupboard.


Your gorgeous cupboard can be used in different spaces, not only in dining zones, and not only for displaying dishes - you can show off many things with such a stunning piece! Repurpose your cupboard for storing blankets and bedspreads in your bedroom, it will look wow both with doors and without. Use your cupboard for storing bathroom stuff and towels and give a refined and chic touch to your bathroom. You can even rock a cupboard for accessories and shoe storage if you want to make your closet really special. Get inspired!

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