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24+ Easy Ways to Expand the Space Your Living Room

24+ Easy Ways to Expand the Space Your Living Room

Expand Living Room Into Garage - Your living room is often the heart of your home where you gather with your family and friends, spend long and cozy evenings and much, much more. While making the space physically larger would involve expensive remodeling, there are many ways to make the room look bigger that are simple to execute and budget friendly. We've gathered the easiest ones, take a look!

Focus On The Floor

The floor takes up a significant amount of square footage and it impacts your living room design a lot. Avoid interrupting the eye with different and especially contrasting floor coverings. Choose one flooring material, such as wood or carpet, throughout your living room and adjoining rooms to visually expand the space and create flow with your design. Prefer furniture with legs, so the floor fades under it and looks larger.

Take Advantage Of The Walls

The place where the walls meet the floor defines the size of a room both physically and visually. Emphasize the wall's height with any means you have: hang floor-length curtains close to the ceiling, use tall bookshelves to compel guests to look up or install crown molding.

Add A Focal Point

Emphasize a focal point or accent piece in order to take people's attention away from the size of the room. Choose any focal point you want - a mantel, an artwork, a bold piece of furniture or anything else that comes to your mind. Make it super contrasting and super bold, let it take over the whole room, and it will be a nice conversation starter.

Use Mirrors To Reflect Light

Mirrors push walls away and reflect light, which makes the space look bigger, this is a classic idea to make your space look larger. Use them in front of your most attractive decor, such as flowers or rich drapes or windows, to reflect beauty and please the eye. Avoid using a mirrored wall, which can look too retro and alter your aesthetic. Make your living room larger easier and faster!

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Expand Living Room Into Garage
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Expanding Your Living Room
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warm-colored neutral carpet flooring is a nice choice for adding warmth and coziness and it will make the space larger-
your curtains can be colorful, too, match your throws and blankets with the curtains you have-
a contemporary meets industrial living room with a grey laminate floor and furniture on legs-
a light grey sleek floor and furniture on legs to make the space look larger and more light-filled-
if you wanna add a rug, go for a matching color and prints that aren't too bold-
a welcoming boho living room with an oversized framed mirror that reflects light coming from the windows-
a super bold yellow tufted sofa makes a cool statement in a neutral space-
a over-sized artwork and a couple of chairs that perfectly echo with it-
a unique wall art on wood that takes the whole wall is a bold statement-
a super neutral boho space with white woven carpet flooring for a texture and to make the space bigger-
light-colored curtains under the ceiling molding is right what you need for a larger look-
light-colored floor-length curtains match the living room and make it look higher and larger-
white floor-length curtains will make the space look bolder and larger, they contrast black walls-
sheer pleated ivory curtains going up to the ceiling to make the space look larger and airier-
molding paired with light-colored floor-length curtains for a chic and welcoming space-
a super colorful gallery wall with multiple colorful works of art that feature different styles-
a fireplace highlighted with copper panels for safety and a bold modern look-
a stunning boho gallery wall with mismatching frames and various signs and works of art-