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24+ Lovely And Dreamy Pink Bedrooms

24+ Lovely And Dreamy Pink Bedrooms

Pink is not the most popular color for home decor as it's considered traditionally girlish and isn't often used for decorating couple's and family's homes. But still this color can be a nice and chic addition or even the main shade in a room, and today's roundup will show you how to use it in your bedroom without going too girlish.

Color Schemes And Styles

Pink features many shades, from lights to darker ones, and they can be paired with many other colors. Pink goes well with all kinds of neutrals for a peaceful space, gold and copper for a soft girlish feel, navy or teal for a modern contrasting look, black for some drama, grey as a cool alternative to neutrals.

Pink can be incorporated into all kinds of spaces: minimalist, contemporary, boho, glam, modern and many others, and all you need is just to integrate it correctly and choose a right shade to make it look perfect. How to add pink to your bedroom?

Pink Furniture And Decor

The most popular way to add any color to any space is painting the walls - this is a budget-friendly idea that doesn't require much time or effort. If you wanna be creative about your pink walls, go for color block ones, for watercolor, ombre or even pink wallpaper walls.

Furniture can be another cool idea to include pink into bedroom decor: it's easier and faster to incorporate, it doesn't require much effort and can be changed or removed whenever you get tired of it. Bring a cool pink chair, an upholstered bench or daybed, a pink bed or a nightstand - if you don't have anything like that at hand, just make one! Pink accessories will also do: pink lamps, nightstands, pillows and other stuff. Enjoy!

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