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24+ Gorgeous Feminine Dining Room Furniture Ideas

24+ Gorgeous Feminine Dining Room Furniture Ideas

Girls, we continue sharing adorable ideas for your spaces, and today we are discussing dining rooms and spaces. Glam, shabby chic, modern, rustic and art deco styles are the most popular ones for a feminine space, and a dining room is no exception. Choose your style and then colors and shades, pastels, off-whites and pink and red shades are to make your space girlish. If you don't want to rock any girlish colors, you can always play with textures and materials and rock metal, faux fur, wood, marble and so on.

After decorating the space you'll need some furniture and accessories, and the main ones are a dining table, chairs, a sideboard or a cupboard and some lights that you like. Artworks, sculptures and various accessories are up to you. Now let's consider the coolest ideas to furnish your space the best way possible.

Dining Tables

What's interesting about feminine dining spaces, most of dining tables for feminine spaces are simple and not very outstanding: you can rock a simple round white table and accentuate it with bold chairs, lamps and other things. if you want to make a statement with the table, rock something bold - hot pink, blue, yellow, emerald or some other shade. If you have a modern dining space, you can choose a sheer glass dining table. A simple wooden table can fit a rustic, shabby chic or just modern space if you take proper chairs.

Dining Chairs

Dining chairs are often used to make the space girlish, and they can be bold or delicate and accentuate a simple table. I really love floral and pastel upholstered chairs because they look super cute and make your dining space feminine. If there's enough space, you can take not only chairs but also an upholstered bench in some delicate colors or with floral upholstery. Usual and not upholstered chairs in various pastel shades look very cute and delicate.


Lights or lamps are cool for accentuating spaces and to complete the look. if you want to add a glam feel, rock crystal chandeliers with a vintage look, they can fit not only vintage spaces but also glam ones and even modern ones if you handle them right. Amazing sculptural chandeliers and pendant lamp combos will highlight your style, and cool butterfly ones make the space girlish. A simple pastel-colored lamp can make a neutral space more feminine. Need more ideas? Look at them below!

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Feminine Dining Room
Feminine Dining Room Ideas
Modern Feminine Dining Room
light-colored wood dining set with hot pink leg accents-
a dining table with a mint-colored tabletop is a very fresh and feminine solution-
a bold blue dining table, hot pink chairs and a crystal chandelier for a vibrant space-
a gorgeous crystal and gold chandelier completes this refined space-
a blush bench and upholstered chairs are an easy way to make your space girlish-
lavender-colored pendant lamp makes this space feminine-
a refined dining room with lavender upholstery chairs-
delicate lavender upholstery dining chairs with white look cute-
mid-century upholstered pink chairs are ideal for girlish spaces-
a color blocked dining table in black and copper with wooden legs looks cute with acrylic chairs and a mint love seat-
oversized gold and crystal chandeliers for a dramatic feminine space-
oversized vintage crystal chandelier with faux candles-
a simple wooden table is accentuated with sheer chairs and blue upholstered chairs-
simple pastel colored dining chairs look soft and delicate-
a cute red dining table and a blush chair make the space girlish-
unique pink glass chandelier over the dining area-
upholstered lavender chairs and gold butterfly chandeliers make the space girlish-
sculptural and geometrical pendant lamp that makes a statement in this space-
a refined vintage chandelier with crystals and faux candles-
a small round white table matches a light blue upholstered bench and chairs-
a glam gilded chandelier make this space girlish-
white chairs with purple upholstery and echoing pillows-
pink chairs are right what you need for a girlish space, they scream feminine-
an oversized sculptural chandelier makes a bold statement here-
gold and black chairs look glam and echo with a gold chandelier-
purple and floral chairs for a surreal space-
refined lavender upholstery dining chairs make this space really feminine-