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18+ Powder Rooms And Laundries Under Stairs

18+ Powder Rooms And Laundries Under Stairs

A space under the stairs holds a lot of possibilities and enough space for a whole room. It can be a home office, a play space for your kids, a closet, a wine cellar, a library and much more but the most popular option is making a powder or even a laundry under the stairs. A powder room is very useful if you often have guests, it will be very comfy for them, and it's also great for kids. As for laundry - there's often not enough space for separate room and literally no space to hide it, while under stairs space is right what you need. Wanna go for one of these options? Here are some tips and ideas.

Powder Rooms

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the best idea is planning a powder room during the construction stage. Renovations may involve a lot of work, but you can still work on it with the help of an engineer, an architect, or a contractor. As for necessary elements, consider having a pedestal or wall-mounted sink to save some space, and a great idea to save more space is a sink plus toilet combo – you can find lots of them on sale today. Speaking about decor - go for anything you like, there's no shower or bathtub, so the space won't get too wet. A popular idea is rocking bold and dramatic wallpaper, which is in trend, or go fro some geometric tiles. A powder room supposes some privacy, so you'll need some doors, and the best idea is sliding doors, which will save much space inside and outside.


A laundry is even easier to build in under the stairs space, you may not even use any doors to hide the appliances if you feel like it. Here no special decor is required, so go for what you like. If you want, you can make usual or sliding doors to hide the pieces and visually declutter the space. Now place a washing machine and a dryer there and add some additional storage for dirty and clean laundry and chemicals. Voila!

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make the space all-white or ivory as light shades are ideal for tiny nooks like an under stairs powder room-
a comfy laundry under the stairs with a washing machine, a dryer, built-in cabinets and even a sink-